Full Moon Uranus in Taurus Sinks Cattle Transporter

The distress call came at Full Moon on Wednesday September 2 in high seas between Japan and China. Typhoon Maysak was in full rage but the 139 metre long multi story sea transporter Livestock 1 was persevering towards its destination in China. 5867 cattle beasts had been sold and were heading for a new life after the last port of call in Napier New Zealand. The sea travel was planned for around 17 days but no one factored in a potent full moon and extreme weather factors that had been born in August 2020. Only one survivor has to date been located and few possible remnants of a vessel he saw list sharply and then submerge after a failed engine left the ship prone to a monster storm driven wave.

The September 2 Full Moon with Sun and Moon at 10 mutable [Virgo-Pisces] joined forces with Uranus at 10 Taurus. Pisces identifies the maritime environment: a ship at sea. Taurus bears ancient archetypal symbol The Bull & all cattle species. Cattle are creatures of the earth, born to be stan…

Track your transits - a quickview astrological guide

Simply looking at a round wheel or an aspect grid doesn't always work for everybody. When you want to get a precise overview of connected factors there are a few easy steps to take:

List all the planetary bodies and key axis points you use. N = lunar nodes  A =Ascendant-Descendant M =midheaven-ICRound up/down the degree positions to nearest whole numberrun a column to the right listing the 15 degree resonating point. for planets at over 15 degrees subtract 15. For under 15 add 15. 15 itself becomes 30/0Create another box with degree positions from 0-30/0Refer to box one and transfer each entry. Example : Sun is listed at 10 and 25.This graphic view allows you not only to see natally which factors are in strong synergy but also very useful with transits to track where the significant action is taking place and the sequential activations. Orbs of effect vary dependent upon speed and "weight" of the factor in transit. A transit one-two degrees off natal exact point is defini…

Disappearance of Naya Rivera -astrological signifiers

The 2020 Disappearance of Naya Rivera with Astrological Signifiers
update Naya Rivera was reported as dead on July 13 2020

Naya Rivera known well for her role in Glee disappeared in a California lake on July 8 2020. The only witness was her 4 year old son, accompanying her on a boating excursion.

This story from an astrological perspective is full of Neptune which expresses through Pisces and relates to everything watery confusing mysterious unknown.
To understand how this applies to Naya (aged 33 born January 12 1987) it is clear even without an exact birth time that she was born on a day when Jupiter was in Pisces - this planet in this sign brings large big extreme too much in combination with water. The second indicator to note is two sometimes dangerous planetary energies Saturn and Uranus are in the sign Sagittarius which wants to naturally express as optimism confidence adventurousness. Uranus in Sagittarius can encourage risk-taking. Saturn in Sagittarius generates anxieties cautio…

Madeleine McCann abduction - astrological details

Despite the absence of complete astrological data related to birth times and exact time of the criminal abduction of Madeleine McCann a large amount of relevant information can be presented for consideration. The conclusion of this investigation is that the named suspect Christian Brueckner is highly likely to be the perpetrator of this crime
Though many hours of preparation in June 2020 have gone into this post after news broke of interest in suspect Christian Brueckner it is far from complete in terms of the amount of astrological details and methods available. For the sake of precision and clarity a focus has been placed on the standout factors which present the links between suspect and victim and the connection between their individual energies and the energies that prevailed when the event or events referenced occurred. [updated sections with information later received also consider whole family patterns ]

Madeleine McCann abduction suspect Christian Brueckner
The suspect named at…