Extreme Weather - the forces identified in advance & in review

          Planetary Forces Featuring in Extreme Weather The accumulation of data is the foundation of prediction in any mathematically-based field and astrology is no exception. Where astrology stands out is the capacity for tracking regular cyclic patterns over long periods of history.  Out of the  long database of information it is possible to see repetitive correspondences . This post concerns some snapshots from within the database of a planetary ephemeris -starting from the context of known flooding events in one particular US region - with a specific focus upon extreme deluge and storm events then ranging further into Atlantic Hurricane seasons before expanding into the holistic framework of extreme environmental events in general. Looking ahead is also the territory of   astrologers and with the major period of water energy so dominant in late July 2021 across multiple geographic zones - it is very timely to look at the issue of intensity and frequency and what patterns look to