Climate & Human Crisis

As an astrologer the future is always of interest. Consideration of the changes and consequences related to global climate is high on our collective agenda with daily reminders that significant forces are in process. All life on this planet is being impacted and as humans it is natural to look for meaning when an existential crisis arises.
I have a special interest in researching the galactic forces that deliver severe weather. I feel very attuned to the state of the planet and it's recurrent responses to the sun the moon the eclipses. This all makes perfect sense to those who think on a large scale. We occupy a tiny place in a huge system which in itself is minuscule within the larger universe. We know so little...but over millenia we have some knowledge of repeated themes occurring related to the prominence of particular planets.

The watchers amongst us know that the world changes significantly when certain planets occupy certain signs.
The three signs at the end of the zodiac …

Cancer Capricorn Aries Libra

The Cardinal signs are strongly active in 2019 and this energises all four signs in the quartet comprising Aries Cancer Libra Capricorn.
The paired signs are Aries-Libra and Cancer-Capricorn.

Key points:
1. All Cardinals have an issue to resolve around relating/relationships

2. Balance is achieved through integrating qualities of the opposite paired sign

3. Aries-Libra & Cancer-Capricorn in proper balance are fundamental to global stability and harmony

4. When outer planets eclipses and lunar nodes emphasise even 2 cardinal signs all four are activated

5. Eclipses strongly reinforce the cardinal themes when outer planets & nodes are in cardinal signs

6. 2019 stands out as a very significant cardinal year in the period 2009-2024 inclusive due to 4 cardinal eclipses, 4 planets in cardinal signs & the lunar nodes in cardinal.

7. The extended period of cardinal dominance began at the end of 2007 & runs until 2024. After that the fixed & mutable signs bring their messa…

Cancer Capricorn Eclipses July 2019

The Pamela Colman Smith illustration of the Moon card in the Rider Waite Tarot pack is highly relevant for the July eclipses at New Moon in Cancer and full Moon in Capricorn
Very instinctual with the July 2 July 3 Cancer Sun and Moon in the Scorpio decan and very subconscious with the aquatic symbol arising from the waters. Beasts are snarling at the moon. A lot of psychology is being aroused. And it's very gender based in terms of cultural norms: the matriarchy is ascending again, the patriarchy is on the defensive and in the early throes of decline.
Moon and Saturn have a lot to resolve as a consequence of these eclipses being potentized by Saturn and Pluto and these two positioned at the South of the nodal axis - where currently Capricorn sits and Cancer sits at the North.
Power is definitely an issue. How to rebalance and share authority management and control.
Women's issue feature strongly - including abortion (US)and maternity care (NZ).
Government management of family…

Astrology of June 2019 global influences

Summary: June 2019 global influences June 3 Gemini New Moon themes A lot of thoughts words communications about home/family/kin/clan/or tribe as well as housing house-keeping & keeping the nation's house in order using protectionist nuturing or defensive policies. Progressive ideas re environmental issues.... Transformational restructuring re finances/money/economies...
From June 12 intensity builds for week 3 of June: Significant events affecting masses of people.. Water destabilizes & weakens  --expect significant water events in diverse locations globally... Transport movement & travel affected Land roading & housing vulnerable in slip zones... Frustration a keyword June 14-20 both within family dynamics & nation to nation..

Full moon begins influence from 14th. Exact on 17th =Sun Gemini Moon Sagittarius. 3 themes Weather Government Travel Weather extremes extend to 21st Government & bureaucracy frustrate many re issues for homes families housing ... Tr…

Saturn & Pluto : the Wreck & Rebuild Team



There's no mistake that 2019 is a pivotal year - especially as we approach the midyear and enter the second half.
Read further commentary on this blog to get the collective or global overview.To start simply search these numbers: 2019.
To personalise that further requires a birth chart based on an accurate time of birth.
My own approach to 2019 is to have more emphasis on private and personal needs and comfort. I will not be publishing long form reports in 2019...preferring to refer back to highly relevant material that has already been posted here or from selected writers contained on my Twitter pages @astroprofiles & the twin account @Sub_Strata - both of which are used to continue to promote astrology & to provide ongoing pointers to the opportunities for personal growth that are continually indicated by the planetary energies in transit to our own.
Best wishes to all in your personal unfoldment.

The Biggest Challenges in 2019

2019 is a year you'll always remember. Massive bedrock changes are on the cusp of unfolding globally as life and the world as we know it face powerful cosmic forces operating at a very fundamental level. 
Two of these - Saturn and Pluto - are covered in this post.
 They both produce conditions which can be the most demanding ever. As 2019 opens both continue to transit Capricorn.   By year's end these two powerhouses will come to near exact conjunction, just over a degree apart but every step towards early 2020 is one to use well as you climb your personal mountain. Why is this significant? Saturn and its relevant zodiac sign Capricorn are strongly connected to government, business, corporations, banking, structures, infrastructure, history, ancient things, senior citizens, rules, regulations, conservatism, cost-saving, austerity, walls, fences, borders, boundaries, limits, rules, regulations, controls...and the flow on effects have economic impacts..these are just some of the stan…

2019 Zodiac Astrology in a nutshell

The astrological signs are usefully sorted into groupings that have matching types of expression and this method helps to show what similar themes apply in 2019 for related signs
If you want a global perspective on 2019 a detailed forecast is posted on this site
In this forecast the zodiac Sun Signs are presented in their groups CARDINAL FIXED and MUTABLE  and their shared group themes are revealed

The Cardinal group is Aries Libra Cancer Capricorn In 2019 all these signs are unusual in that they are all dealing significantly with cardinal issues. Cardinal issues are those that involve:  working on your personal style of self expression or personalityimproving how you function in relating to others especially private relationshipsdealing with career issues, matters of true calling or vocationfocussing on family, roots, the meaning and function of home All of these are on the table for cardinal signs in 2019 -for many this is a continuation lasting several years. All that differs is the d…

Astrology of 2019 global forecast

The astrology of 2019 in global terms is dominated by the cardinal energy led by Capricorn and expressed through the resonant signs Cancer, Libra and Aries.
We are all affected by these four signs as shown in their impact upon a person's full birth chart. People born under Capricorn Cancer Libra and Aries and especially those born in the range from the 5th-13th of their month will experience effects that will be growthful, testing and challenging -hard work, hard times, character-building stressful and potentially, ultimately very rewarding.
2019 will be a huge year in politics, business, banking, infrastructure. All the bedrock infrastructure -the physical material built and natural, as well as the societal structures that manage our life conditions are all up for major transformations.
In addition it is clear that increasingly severe weather conditions will play a significant role in the restructuring of environments and will affect human-made constructions.

Responsible managementi…

Let Your Ego Die so You Can Live

The myth of the healthy ego was created by an unhealthy ego and has been sustained by unhealthy egos –unavoidably -  because Ego is an unhealthy mental disposition derived from a competitive survival instinct.
In our human existence we feel a compulsion to survive –to breathe, eat, sleep in order to pursue the life that we have emerged into but something else happens when we become alive in human form in a physical construction in a material world - we are faced with having to function in an environment that is unreal, merely a surface layer and in a form that is not who we truly are – and this has mental and emotional consequences in varying degrees from minimal to extreme in each of us.
Our truth is that we are not separate beings, we simply manifest as such in this world in order to discover that truth and we have been trying to learn this for thousands of years. Our origin is simply consciousness without form and that awareness is a collective energy field that operates in a differe…