Japan nuclear events: past to present energetic links

Japan Map courtesy google maps
The big shudders affecting Japan have involved the unprecedented trio in conjunction: seismic, tsunami and nuclear.

Japan has a history of devastation involving all three, but the meeting of all three in time is the spectre hanging over Japan in March 2011.

History repeats and astrologers are well versed in locating the prior cycles that return and revisit places in time.

The nuclear risks under present time emergency management immediately provoke a revisiting of Japan's last nuclear crisis, imposed that time politically, by America, during World War 2.

The energetic links between the events of 1945 and 2011 in respect of the nuclear aspects and humanitarian crises are fascinating.
The preceding eclipse in 1945 was a total solar in July. At 16CAN57 this provides a signpost to Pluto - Pluto was discovered on 18 Feb 1930 at 17CAN40. Transit Saturn reached 17CAN40 on August 1st (GMT) 1945. Moon got to 17CAN40 less than an hour before the Hiroshima bombing on August 6. Saturn & Moon were conjoined at 18 Cancer when the bombing began.
Note: some knowledge of astrological methods and symbols is required to follow this post

Hiroshima 08.16am August 6 1945
Nagasaki 11.02 am August 9 1945

Firstly some excerpts of historical detail via WIKIPEDIA 

The Hiroshima bomb, a bomb called "Little Boy," was made with uranium-235, a rare isotope of uranium extracted in giant factories in Tenessee

The Nagasaki bomb, "Fat Man," was an implosion device made primarily of plutonium-239 -
90,000–166,000 killed in Hiroshima
60,000–80,000 killed in Nagasaki
Here are some quickly compiled observations I want to publish
So the uranium and plutonium aspects have to be noted with their obvious links to Uranus and Pluto
NOTE the  visual clue of the tightly compressed bowl pattern of the planets in both events of 1945
I always look to the prior eclipse events to see the connections re the timing of an activation.
July 9 saw a Total Solar Eclipse (TSE) at 16CANCER57 
section of Hiroshima chart
Uranus exact on MC 16 GEM and ASC 17 VIRG, Saturn in exact conjunct to Moon in Cancer all resonate with the prior TSE. This speaks of the mayhem and devastation to homes and families.
The Uranus-Neptune midpoint falls exactly on Pluto
Hiroshima chart section: URA-NEP=PLU

 Uranus and Chiron also have a midpoint (9LEO) very close to Pluto (9LEO56)
Jupiter at 26VIR is exact square the Galactic Centre (26SAG06 in 1945), the signature of a mega scale event.
Other planets on this date had midpoints in very close aspect ( no higher than one degree orb) to the 26 degree Galactic Centre on the Hiroshima date:  

The plutonic bomb
Pluto is the mid-point of Uranus-Neptune as in Hiroshima the signature repeating the humanitarian crisis due to powerful transformational forces

Nagasaki: section of chart
The Sun-Uranus midpoint is 16 CAN ( = trigger point of prior TSE)Pluto and the Node meet on the MC
Uranus and Mercury also have their midpoint on the MC
13 CANCER is a powerful energy point:
PLU-URA m/p = SUN-Mar m/p = SAT-VEN m/p=SAT-NOD m/p = NEP-ASC m/p = CHI-ASC m/p
 = URA-MAR m/p = all linked to 13 CAN
And 13 CAN is semisquare 28 LEO = Moon 
Moon =  ruler of MC, SAT, NOD
Strong emphasis on the sign of CANCER ( interesting too that the disease cancer is a consequence of radiation)

Links to the Galactic Centre (27SAG) shown by these aspecting midpoints:



The chart pattern is a bowl again, though not as tight.
The humanitarian crisis shown by Uranus in exact semisextile to Neptune
The Moon-Node midpoint is exact on the URA-NEP midpoint
The Moon-Neptune midpoint is semisextile the above points.
URANUS has just entered ARIES - with heat, fire and explosion being looming threats with the connections to Pluto, Sun, Mars reinforcing the unstable nuclear situation.
Remember that Jupiter is already in Aries = excess heat/big fire events.
Meanwhile Saturn in Libra will try to hold a balance - until Jupiter in Aries reaches exact opposition on March 29. The question is which force will win out -balance and control vs excess liberation.
This date (on/around) may be critical -especially as Pluto exactly squares the Sun on 29th, Mars is square the Galactic Centre and the nodes are exact on/opposing the Galactic Centre

2011 links back to 1945
ASC 16 LEO is the same as the SUN at Nagasaki
ASC 16 LEO aspects the ASC & MC of Hiroshima
Saturn is 15 cardinal in 2011 and 18 cardinal in 1945
Pluto at 8 CAP is exact on the CAN-CAP nodes of HIRO-NAGA
Node is on the Moon of NAGA
Neptune is opposite the NAGA Moon
Uranus is on the Jupiter Chiron midpoint

Japan March 11 2011 at 2.46 pm

Japan 2011 events chart section
The Galactic Centre in 2011 is 27 SAG
The following pairs of midpoint energies link to 27 SAG 
ASC-MC midpoint is 27 GEM
MARS-JUP m/p is 26 PIS27
PLU-ASC m/p is 26LIB52
SUN-MERC m/p is 26PIS33
SAT-PLU m/p is 26SCO27
SAT-MC m/p is 26CAN58

This information is provided with little analysis simply as a way of getting some ideas out there regarding links and connections demonstrated by astrology, shown in 3 examples from two time periods. There is currently not time for a full analysis, given the urgency of the Japan crisis. The subtext here is how linked these times and places appear to be energetically. 

Refer to Piers Corbyn to hear his views on environmental threats

Also view this Japan nuclear graphic on Twitpic from Waiheke News

Japan 1945 -courtesy wikimedia commons

Here is also a link to the chart of the Chernobyl nuclear event in April 1986 , with Uranus exact on the ASC in SAG, a Pluto-Sun opposition in TAU-SCO, following a total lunar eclipse, two days prior.
Jupiter, ruler of SAG is exactly semisquare the north Node. The signifiers of sudden, broad range and powerfully transformational collective events all feature here  The lunar eclipse on 24 April at 4 Scorpio was a signpost to transit Pluto at 6 Scorpio.


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